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Training and Development for Jakarta


In-house, Public and Private courses available

Powerful Tools!

Get the tools you need to generate a better working environment . Whether needed in one department or several, London City Institute is fully prepared to assess each department and pinpoint the weak areas of your business allowing us to focus on strategies specific to those needs.

Maximizing Production!

Whatever level of production your company is in, there is ALWAYS room for improvement. We find ways to elevate morale, skill abilities, confidence and overall communication in the workplace.

International Communications

In the world of global markets and multinational corporations it can become complicated when communicating with other cultures. Call us to help give you the advantage and get you back on track by giving you the competitive edge when communicating across cultures.

About Us

We at LCI understand the growing competitive nature in your industry within Indonesia.

First we begin by doing a demonstration class and placement testing on your entire team Absolutely Free. Once analyzed we will submit a recommendation for your review.

Moving forward we will conduct an individual in-depth 2 day assessment of your team again, at no cost to you.

  • Organization Matters

    Get your goals set and made perfectly clear from the top down so management and staff can work as one unit.

  • Stay Positive

    Learn proven techniques to stay positive and keep any negative emotions under control. Understanding what’s in your control and what you can change is half the battle.

  • Increase Productivity

    Understanding roles in the workplace can often get misdirected. Establishing and maintaining a fluid system is key for maximizing productivity allowing for a companies larger profit margin.

  • Effective Marketing

    Strategizing a proper campaign is essential in gaining a proper return on your marketing investment. Whether it be physical marketing or web marketing, we can assist in maximizing your returns.

What others say about us

LCI with its method helped me in improvising myself to reach higher target. It helped me especially in sales and marketing. I found their method is fast and easy to learn, and very helpful to build my team skills. So, again, thanks LCI

MiekeSnr. Business Development Officer Balfour Beatty Sakit indonesia

I studied at London City Institute (LCI) when I was working in Jakarta. When the first time I joined LCI, I couldn’t speak english very well but after I learnt with LCI, I’ve made rapid progress. The teachers are very brilliant, especially Morgan who taught me at that time. He is very kind and friendly, also very helpful and provide lots of information about the University that I wanted to apply. LCI provided all the facilities that I need. I would like to thank the whole team of LCI for the great English you have provided. Now, I have started my Master degree program in the UK. It was brilliant learning experience. Thank you.


In my 2 years, i joined LCI class to improve my english. I am very glad to be one of your students, morgan. :) You are not only a teacher, but also a good buddy. You always help your students whenever we asked your help.

As a teacher, you give us a very valuable things.

Do you know what are they? Simple answers but usually forgetten. Initiative and practice are important. No matter how bad is your english, LCI teachers will help you to improve it. That’s what I remember clearly from joining LCI class.

For others who need to have an english course, LCI is my recommendation. :)

Theresia HalimGFK

It is a great experience for me to study english with LCI class.  With interactive method and incredible teacher, help me a lots in improving my international communication.

Keep up the good work !!

Virginia KarlaSecretary to CFOPT Smart Tbk
London City Insitute